Top Game Extensions

  1. gadget

    Go Game

    2 ratings

    Gadget to play Go game

  2. gadget


    2 ratings

    A classic chess game.

  3. gadget

    Conway's Game of Life

    4 ratings

    Collaboraive cellular automata.

  4. gadget

    Wave Chess

    2 ratings

    Play Chess in Google Wave.

  5. gadget


    2 ratings

    Play card games in Wave. Almost any game is possible!

  6. gadget


    1 rating

    Windows Minesweeper game implemented as gadget.

  7. gadget


    0 ratings

    Shoot the aliens to protect our planet. Use the arrow keys to move your ship and press the space bar to shoot.

  8. gadget


    0 ratings

    Play Pacman inside a Wave.

  9. gadget


    0 ratings

    A little Flickr game where you have to jump from one's user's favorites to another's by selecting the one you like best.

  10. gadget


    0 ratings

    Cover as many cells as possible, by choosing adjacent colors. Play against a participant or the computer. Computer Level 4 is pretty hard to defeat.

  11. gadget


    0 ratings

    Bones provides graphical dice that any participant in a wave can set up to be rolled by themselves or others. Results are shared with everyone.

  12. gadget


    0 ratings

    Solve crossword puzzles with friends in Google Wave.

  13. gadget


    2 ratings

    A cool game to share with your friends. Solve challenging Sudoku boards together and see who is the best Sudoku player!